TCLB - 320C , TCLB - 320S

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TCLB - 320C - Function and Structure Characteristics

  • 1.Screw measuring, adjustment weight not need tools, with stable function, simple operation.
  • 2.CPU single chip stop motor drawing film, screen adjustment parameters, easy operation.
  • 3.Bag making, filling, measuring, sealing, print date, product in one operation.
  • 4.With powerful extended function, joint packing device, punching device, satisfied with difference product requirement.

TCLB - 320C - The scope of Application

Flour, milk powder, hean powder etc. suitable for packing within 300ml.

TCLB - 320S - Function and Structure Characteristics

Adoping photoeye control system. Second packing bag can be prcised cut apart, End product shape is triangle, new original and unique with independent hopper for feeding, it can feed several kinds of articles in one bag.

TCLB - 320S - The scope of Application

Expand foods, dried, piece, peanut, puffed rice, oatmeal wheat, melon seeds, jelly, sugar, salted spellet, short sliop, juice foods.