TCLB - 420AZ

Unit Composition

  • 1.TCLB-420A main engine
  • 2.10 heads weigher
  • 3.Z type material conveyer
  • 4.Vibration feeder
  • 5.Support platform
  • 6.Vibration feeder

Function and Structure Characteristics

  • 1.The new design, beautiful appearance, the structure is more reasonable, more advanced technology.
  • 2.Imported PLC computer control system, color touch screen, easy to operate, intuitive and efficient.
  • 3.The imported servo film transport system, imported color code sensor, accurate positioning and the machine performance is remarkable, the packing is beautiful.
  • 4.A variety of automatic alarming protective function, maximum limit to reduce wear and tear.
  • 5.Pocket diversification, can provide customers with pillow bags, angle of bags, hanging hole bag, bag etc.

Optional device

Double membrane institutions, angle of institution, automatic correction, punching device, even a bag of device.

The main performance and structure characteristics

  • • Automatic feeding, metering, bag filling, date printing and product output of all processes.
  • • High measuring accuracy, high efficiency, no broken material.

The scope of application

Requirements for high precision measurement and fragile packaging bulk objects, such as: puffed food, crispy rice, fruit Cold, sweets, pistachio, apple slices, dumplings, rice balls, chocolate, hardware items, medicines, etc.