TCLB - 420B

Function and Structure Characteristics

  • 1.Compact and ational structure, stable performance, low noise, easy maintenance, bucke chain conveyor.
  • 2.feeding and packaging with manual meteing, the bucket chain conveyor is convenient on feeding. The award card, award or several kinds of material can be packaged at the same time, no empty bags will be delivered when there is no material, less waste complete set of the and practical.

Complete Set of This Machine

  • 1.TCLB-420 principal machine or TCLB-520 principal machine
  • 2.Bucket chain conveyor
  • 3.Finished product conveyer

The scope of Application

Suitable for frangible goods and which are hard on auto metering, such as: potato chips, steam bread chips, crispy rice, fruit jelly, boiled dumpling, rice dumpling etc.