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  • Air Receivers (Painted & Galvanized)

    • Capacity : 300 – 10,000 Liters
    • Pressure : 10 – 15 Bar

    To satisfy the increase of compressed air demands and avoid the negative influence of air flow fluctuation on the gas point in the pipeline system. To cool the compressed air, discharge the water in compressed air, reduce the load of air dryer, and save more energy. To reduce the unloading time of air compressor and reduce the energy consumption of the air compressor.


  • Belt Driven Screw Air Compressor Series

    • Capacity :1.1 – 16.2 m3/min
    • Pressure :  7-12.5 Bar

    It is designed into fully-closed mute box, in which sound-absorbing sponge are attached for effective absorption of noise, thereby making the noise 3-5dB(A) lower than that made by the compressors of the same kind. It is reasonably structured overall and very easy to maintain and repair.

  • Combined Screw Air Compressor Series (Integrated Units)

    • 3.8 m3/min Pressure: 7-12.5 Bar
    • Germany air end
    • Double screw
    • Combined screw air compressor
    • Energy saving
  • Desiccant Type Air Dryers

    • Capacity: 3.8 – 160 m3/min
    • Max. Pressure : 16 Bar

    There are 2 types of Desiccant Air Dryers

    • Desiccant Air Dryer -Heatless Purge
    • Desiccant Air Dryer -Externally Heated Purge
  • Direct Driven Screw Air Compressor Series

    • Capacity :3.8 – 102.7m3/min
    • Pressure :  7-12.5 Bar
    • Compact Structure
    • Flexible Design
    • Long in useful life
  • Micro Filters (Air Line Filters)

    • Capacity: 1.2 – 110 m3/min
    • Max. Pressure: 16 Bar
  • Permanent Magnet Synchronizing Variable Frequency Screw Air Compressor

    • Capacity :.45 – 56 m3/min
    • Pressure :  7-12.5 Bar

    The permanent magnet synchronizing variable frequency compressor is equipped with special frequency converter with wider frequency converting rang. With the rapid development of techniques, the variable frequency compressor has become a high-grade machine in the energy saving area. It can realize maximum energy saving effect with the permanent magnet synchronizing motor.

  • Refrigerated Air Dryers -(Air Cooled)

    •  Capacity: 1.2 – 110m3/min
    • Max. Pressure: 16 Bar

    As it is lightly influence influenced by the environment temperature, the dew point of air at the outlet is stable, mainly suitable for the users requiring stable dew point of air and high environment temperature.

  • RONGXIN Plastic Pallette

    • Warehouse & Logistic Plastic Pallette
    • Plastic Garbage Cans
    • Work Bins & Turnover Boxes