Air Dryers

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  • Desiccant Type Air Dryers

    • Capacity: 3.8 – 160 m3/min
    • Max. Pressure : 16 Bar

    There are 2 types of Desiccant Air Dryers

    • Desiccant Air Dryer -Heatless Purge
    • Desiccant Air Dryer -Externally Heated Purge
  • HDA Series Heatless Adsorption Air Dryers (Desiccant)

    • Capacity : 2.17 – 180 m3/min
    • Max. Working Pressure : 10 Bar

    These dryers are designed to supply clean and very dry compressed air for critical applications. Pre-filters and after-filters are supplied along with Hertz Heatless Air Dryers to keep the air stream clean and maintain the integrity of the desiccant medium. A very reliable electronic controller makes sure that the dryer operates perfectly all through the service life of the dryer.

  • HMD Series – Modular Adsorption Air Dryers (Desiccant)

    • Capacity : 0.08 – 6.67 m3/min
    • Max. Working Pressure : 16 Bar

    Hertz HMD series desiccant air dryers with its light weight modular design brings a whole new concept in compressed air technology, offering total installation flexibility to meet specific needs.

  • HRD HPN Series – Refrigerated Type High Pressure Air Dryers – (Air Cooled)

    •  Capacity: .83 – 60m3/min
    • Max. Working Pressure : 45 Bar

    This design achieves a hyper-efficient 100 % contact between the air and refrigerant circuits, delivering state-of-the-art performance and great cooling efficiency.

  • HRD Series – Refrigerated Type Air Dryers – (Air Cooled)

    • Capacity: .35 – 197m3/min
    • Max. working Pressure : 16 Bar

    Refrigerant Compressed Air Dryers HRD Series – 12 to 6945 scfm (16 Bar max): Hertz Compressor is the brand of Dalgakıran Group , one of the leading air Compressor and equipment manufacturer in the world, to develop a truly international compressed air Sales & Service network.

  • Refrigerated Air Dryers -(Air Cooled)

    •  Capacity: 1.2 – 110m3/min
    • Max. Pressure: 16 Bar

    As it is lightly influence influenced by the environment temperature, the dew point of air at the outlet is stable, mainly suitable for the users requiring stable dew point of air and high environment temperature.