HPA Series – Portable Rotary Screw Air Compressors (Diesel Engine Driven)

  • Capacity : 3.4 – 10 m3/min
  • Pressure :  7-12 Bar

HPA series portable compressors are ideal for use in construction, mining and ship repair industries. These compressors offer their users long maintenance intervals, high performance and airflow thanks to their high-strength and high-efficiency screw blocks. Large fuel tanks make it possible to work longer without interruption.

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HPA 340 / HPA 500 / HPA 640 / HPA 1000

HPA series portable air compressors are ideal solutions for the applications in construction, mining and naval engineering sectors. These compressors, which are built with high endurance, quality and performance grades air end, offer long maintenance intervals, high performance, high airflow capacity and large fuel tanks compared to the competitors, so that they can be used at any place where compressed air is needed.


  • Pneumatic breaker connection, up to two for HPA 340 and HPA 500, three for HPA 640, and four for HPA 1000
  • The type-approval certificate in accordance with EU2007/46/EC framework directive
  • Airflow capacity adjustment by controlling diesel engine speed
  • Status and alarm monitoring on the control panel with electronic card
  • Durable canopy prevents corrosion and impacts
  • Maintenance doors placed on sides
  • Operation time up to 16 hours at continuous full load conditions


  • New generation rotary screw air end with high efficiency, durability and low energy consumption
  • New generation bearing design with high load carrying capacity
  • New rotor profile decreasing air leakages and required torque values
  • Gearbox in accordance with AGMA (American Gear Manufacturers Association) standards(HPA 500 & HPA 1000)


  • Four-cylinder, water-cooled and turbo-charged (except HPA 340) diesel engine
  • Exhaust emission levels in accordance with the emission standards (except HPA 1000)
  • Direct-drive mechanism with flexible coupling


  • Base mounted
  • Fixed tow-bar with brakes
  • Fixed tow-bar without brakes
  • Height adjustable tow-bar with brakes
  • Height adjustable tow-bar without brakes


  • Breakaway cable (HPA 640 & HPA 1000)
  • Road signalization
  • Wheel chocks and wheel chocks carrier
  • Loose ball coupling
  • Discharge check valve
  • Anti-theft safety lock
  • Connection coupling for pneumatic breaker hose


  • Breakaway cable (HPA 340 & HPA 500)
  • Exhaust system with spark arrester
  • Cold start at -30°C
  • Different frame color upon request
  • Different enclosure color upon request
  • After cooler & water separator