HRD Series – Refrigerated Type Air Dryers – (Air Cooled)

  • Capacity: .35 – 197m3/min
  • Max. working Pressure : 16 Bar

Refrigerant Compressed Air Dryers HRD Series – 12 to 6945 scfm (16 Bar max): Hertz Compressor is the brand of Dalgakıran Group , one of the leading air Compressor and equipment manufacturer in the world, to develop a truly international compressed air Sales & Service network.

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Hertz Kompressoren’s Compact Design of Refrigerant Air Dryers, are very robust, energy efficient and have a small foot print allowing easy installation. Our HRD Series of Compressed Air Dryers have Removable panels allowing easy access for Servicing, HRD 10 TO HRD 170 Include Pre and After Air line filters built in its Compact design maximizing cleaner air to the end user. Strong and Reliable Units giving a long and trouble free life.

Refrigerated Type – HRD Compressed Air Dryers

  • 3°C pressure dew point
  • Very Low Pressure Drop
  • Designed for Tropical Conditions
  • Dryer easily runs at 60°C Max. Inlet Temp. and 50°C Ambient Temp.due to R134a refrigerant (all through the range) and oversized condenser.

Compact Design
As the canopy of the dryer is designed not to leave any unused space inside, HRD series air dryers cover minimal space where they are placed.

Energy Saving Device
Digital Controller with a lot of economy features and alarm capabilities is standard for all 3Ph dryers
(HRD140 and up)

Aluminum Heat Exchanger is Standard
(From HRD 40)
Very Low Pressure Drop (100mbar)
Very Efficient (3oC real pressure dew point)

Scroll Compressors(from HRD 120)
Scroll Compressors which are energy efficient and durable against liquid shocks are employed.

Easy to Access
Easy to access in to the cooling components in seconds
by the help of Screw free panels and plastic handles.

Electrical wires are separated from Refrigerant Side
No electrical wires inside the refrigerant side of the dryer. Electrical Box has an external cover which has an access from the outside of the dryer. No need to open dryer panels to go in to electrical box.


Example for choosing the correct HRD air dryer model;

If a compressor delivers 200 m3 / h at 6 bars, the dryer inlet temperature is 40OC and the ambient temperature is 30OC, please choose your dryer as follows;
Dryer Capacity / 200 / 0.94 / 0.92 / 0.98 =236 m3 / h
The correct dryer model for this application is HRD 80.