WAVE Starting Air Series – Direct Driven, High Pressure Reciprocating Air Compressors

  • Capacity:  1.07 – 4.23 m3/min
  • Max. Working Pressure:  40 Bar

Hertz proudly introduces new generation Wave of high pressure reciprocating compressors taking advancing the WAVE Series, which were developed in order to be used in all applications requiring high pressure, especially in the maritime sector, where Hertz has shown a keen interest and served from the day of its establishment until today.

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Wave Series Engine Start High Pressure Piston Compressor – W 64 / W 108 / W 166 / W 210

HERTZ proudly presents its new WAVE Series starting air compressors, HERTZ has taken its previous starting air compressor series one step further by developing it for all applications where medium pressure is a must, especially for the maritime sector where HERTZ has served meticulously since its establishment. Thanks to W type compressor design, low compression ratios can be obtained in WAVE series compressors, which produce low temperature outlet air, resulting in consuming less energy for air cooling. In addition to this, low power transmission losses can be secured with a directly coupled motor shaft and crankshaft.This model shows high stability and performance characteristics even in 55 °C ambient temperatures when operating non-stop in full-load conditions. WAVE series compressors provide flexible operation and effective system control opportunities to its owners with continuous full-load operation, adjustable pressure levels between 12 and 45 bars, and the control panel indicating machine performance data and maintenance periods.


  • Heavy-duty type cast-iron crankcase with oil level indicator, blowdown valve and oil fill/drain plug
  • Cast-iron cylinders with cooling fins
  • Sphero cast crankshaft and counter weight
  • Pistons casted from special aluminum alloy and sphero cast connecting rods
  • Special design high speed concentric valves made from stainless steel
  • Compression and oil retaining rings


  • High efficiency 400V/3 phase/50Hz IE3 class IP55 electric motor
  • Direct-drive system with flexible coupling
  • Motor drive system with star-delta connection


  • The radiator unit with four-stage cooling(air cooling at three stages, oil cooling at one stage)
  • Precooling by concentric valves which are placed at the first stage of HW64 and HW108 models, and at the first and second stages of HW166 and W210 models
  • Radiator fan directly coupled to main motor shaft

Oil pump operated by main motor shaft for the lubrication of pistons and connection rod bearings

Water vapor, condensed at radiator cooling stages with conical separator with moisture separator


  • Lightweight enclosure made from composite material
  • Enclosore drains cooling air to cool the entire package
  • Enclosore prevents contact with moving and hot parts of the compressor


  • Soft-starter
  • Oil heater
  • Remote control
  • Diesel engine on demand
  • Power supply options other than 400V/3 phase/50Hz
  • High pressure air dryer