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Garment Tech Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, and GTS Engineering (Pvt) Ltd, are establishments specialized in the field of Engineering, Marketing, Import, Distribution and Sales of Industrial and Construction Equipment, providing after market support and Turnkey Solutions to Private and Public Institutional Customers in the, Manufacturing, Infrastructure Development, Industrial and Construction sectors in Sri Lanka. We are representing following products manufactured in China, Europe and other countries.


  • Oil injected Belt Drive/ Direct Drive Rotary Screw Air Compressors
  • Combined Screw Air Compressor series ( Dryer integrated Type)
  • Variable Speed Drive (Frequency Controlled) Screw compressors
  • Oil Free Air Cooled (Dry Screw) Air Compressors
  • Pet Master Oil Free & Booster Air Compressors
  • Refrigerated or Desiccant Type Air Dryers
  • Water Separators & Air Line Filters
  • Generators/Chillers /Oxygen/Nitrogen Generators

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  • Belt Drive & Direct Drive Screw Air Compressors
  • Combined Screw Air Compressor series (Integrated units)
  • Variable Speed Drive (Frequency Control) Screw Air Compressors
  • Permanent Magnet Synchronizing VSD Compressors
  • Low Pressure compressor series. Heat Recovery Screw Compressors.

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  • Refrigerant / Desiccant type Air Dryers
  • Air Line (Micro) Filters
  • After Coolers, Auto drain Valves etc.

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  • Hand/ Electric Pallet Trucks
  • Stainless Steel Pallet Trucks
  • All Kind of Stackers
  • Order Pickers&: Skid Lifters
  • Aerial Work Platforms
  • Drum Handlers

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Plastic Pallet

  • Warehouse & Logistics Plastic Pallets
  • Plastic Garbage Cans
  • Work Bins & Turnover Boxes etc.

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  • Warehouse & Logistics Plastic Pallets
  • Plastic Garbage Cans
  • Work Bins & Turnover Boxes etc.

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Aluminum Piping Systems

AIRpipe is Engineered to be the most user friendly and robust piping system available. The modular components design is ideal for both new and retrofit applications and can be easily modified to accommodate configuration upgrades or expansions. + 10 year leak free warranty .

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Supply of Compressor Spare Parts (any Brand)

GTS Lanka has almost every Spare Parts of any Brand that we offered,

  • Supply of Spare parts&:’. lubricants for any Type, any Brand of Air Compressors.
  • Line Filter Elements (Micro)
  • Auto Drain Valves, Air Blow Guns, Recoil Hoses, Quick release couplings etc.

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Technical Support & After Services

Installation, Commissioning, Repair & Service of above equipment sold. Rental of Air Compressors, Air Receivers & Dryers.
Designing Fabricating & Installation of Compressed Air Distribution Networks. Service & Repairs to Any Type any Brand of Air Compressors.

Application of our machinery